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Proven results in all of our services.


Everyone in the office is aiming for your total well-being and with modalities like hydro massage, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation and microcurrent stimulation available, we strive to provide you with excellent care.


Providing you with the finest chiropractic care is one of the aspects we focus on at BIONIC Chiropractic. Being at the forefront in Alaska at digital imaging and performing through orthopedic physical examinations we select the appropriate means essential to treat the individual patient’s concerns.


Dr. Joseph Hawkins has practiced as a Palmer chiropractor for numerous years and enjoys expanding his scope of practice. Mainly offering chiropractic care, Dr. Hawkins and his team offer massage therapy, therapeutic exercises and manual traction as well.


Dr. Bionic is a proud sponsor of the Hale Brothers Team in the 2021 Irondog Race. Known as the longest and hardest, toughest snowmachine race in the world. Joseph & Israel Hale successfully completed the 1,300 mile Irondog Trail Class race in 2020.

It is my dream to be the first ever handicap racer to complete the 2,645 mile Irondog Pro Class race in 2021

-Israel Hale

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"I've seen several Chiropractors over the years and have had some poor experiences but Bionic Chiropractic is the best and most efficient I've seen.
Dr. Hawkins cares about healing and not just speeding you out the door and getting as many appointments from you as possible. The office staff is very friendly and helpful and I had the best massages there I've every had. I would recommend the office to anyone needing care."



"I had an accident in January of 2018. I never went to a chiropractor in my life until then. I started out in Fl with treatment. Coming back to Alaska, I wanted to continue my treatment. My friend had gone to Dr. Hawkins..Bionic Chiropractor, for accident related help. I trusted her,but with great anticipation. I allowed Dr. Hawkins to do his job. He was amazing. I never believed in a million years I would be feeling better. I cannot thank him and his staff enough. He is a good Doctor, he makes you feel comfortable...and his staff are wonderful, caring, people. If I ever have to go back to a Chiropractor. I will fly back to Ak, just to get treatment."

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