Palmer Chiropractic BIONIC Building Winter

Palmer Chiropractic BIONIC Building Winter

BIONIC Chiropractic

“… a chiropractor the Palmer community enjoys visiting.”

Providing you with the finest chiropractic care is one of the aspects we focus on at BIONIC Chiropractic. Being at the forefront in Alaska at digital imaging and performing through orthopedic physical examinations we select the appropriate means essential to treat the individual patient’s concerns.

About BIONIC Chiropractic

Dr. Joseph Hawkins has practiced as a Palmer chiropractor for numerous years and enjoys expanding his scope of practice. Mainly offering chiropractic care, Dr. Hawkins and his team offer massage therapy, therapeutic exercises and manual traction as well. Everyone in the office is aiming for your total well-being and with modalities like hydro massage, ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation and microcurrent stimulation available, we strive to provide you with excellent care.

“We offer several services to help.”

All-Around Health Clinic

We specialize in the spine, however, branch out to all affected body parts and exhibit how addressing the spine structure and nervous system will improve recovery from general chronic pain, sports injuries, car- and work-related accidents. Through work-hardening programs as well as pregnancy and infant care, we can take care of anyone, regardless of the circumstance or maturity. In addition, Dr. Hawkins is a certified medical examiner and can perform DOT evaluations right here in town. If you are searching for a chiropractor in the valley who is detail oriented in regards to your health, call and make an appointment today.

Quality Care at BIONIC Chiropractic

Our undertaking as your chiropractor is to provide quality chiropractic treatment and care in the valley. Our success is based on you!

We are a team of professionals that thrive on providing therapeutic treatments and care to improve the lives of our patients. An important aspect to do so, lies within our knowledge of the spine. Losing the sense of touch or the contractibility of a muscle group anywhere in your body in all probability may be due to an issue stemming from the spinal nerves.

At BIONIC Chiropractic we deliver by maintaining and improving the functionality of this system. Using non-invasive methods is key – no drugs, no surgeries.

The patients we care for through chiropractic treatments have experienced great improvements, regaining all body functions permitting them to tackling their daily tasks and enjoying their weekend projects. If you are in the need to rehabilitate, due to a sports injury, a fall at work, an auto accident or want to improve your health due to suffering from chronic low back pains, Sciatica symptoms or headaches, follow the rest of the community in the valley and call BIONIC Chiropractic.

Yours truly,
Dr. Joseph Hawkins & Staff