Dr. Hawkins is certified to perform DOT (Department of Transportation) physical exams.  The DOT physicals take about half an hour so please call to schedule your physical in advance. (907) 745-4357 We do accept walk in DOT patients if the schedule allows it. A urinalysis is a required portion of the exam. This urinalysis is testing for kidney function and screening for glucose in the urine. It is not a drug screening test. Drug screening tests are not a part of a standard DOT physical exam but may be required by your employer. If a specific drug screening test is required by your employer, you will need to obtain this drug testing from another clinic.

Please arrive 15 minutes early for your exam so you can fill out the necessary paperwork. If you require glasses, contacts, or hearing aids, to drive,please bring these with you to the exam.

Blood pressure is a component of the examination and many drivers are concerned with this aspect of the exam. A good strategy to have low blood pressure is to relax, we are friendly. If you are taking medication, be sure to have taken your medication regularly as you would on any other day. Come well hydrated, plenty of water.  (Coffee and soda are not good sources for water.)

In most situations you will be issued your medical card at the time you leave the office. We will file the medical card status with the DOT as required by law. The specific medical exam is kept confidential and only released with your consent, even to your employer. The medical card certifying driving status / restrictions if any is all that is released to employers at your request. Click Here to Contact Us today