Chiropractic Care

Maintaining the structure surrounding the central and peripheral nervous system is an important aspect for a long, healthy and active life.  The nervous system is, so to speak, the electrical wiring within our body that allows for us to interpret what is going on in areas we cannot visually confirm.  When stepping on a nail, an electrical impulse is sent through the nervous system to the brain for it to tell the muscles associated with the lower extremities to pull the leg up to avoid further damage to the bottom of the foot.  Not only is the nervous system the gateway of communication between our brain and muscles responsible for contracting and moving our body a certain way to react in such an incident, it is also responsible to keep the internal functions we have no conscious control over, such as our breathing patterns or blood pressure, in equilibrium.  If this communication system is not maintained, an electrical short may occur, interfering with the communication and causing discomfort in parts of our body.  Having an adjustment on a regular basis therefore is important in order to be able to exercise our daily tasks without hesitation.  An injury to a segment in our spine even more so calls for a professional assessment by a licensed chiropractor.


Therapeutic Exercises

Therapeutic Exercises are intended to strengthen and rehabilitate a particular area. Initially, the technician evaluates the movements of the body and forces acting on or within the body. Based on the evaluation, a custom exercise program will be constructed targeting the imbalances in the body and what best suits the needs of the individual.

Massage Therapy

In general, Massage Therapy increases blood circulation, reduces stress and removes lactic acid build up in the muscles. The Massage Therapists are capable of using numerous techniques to address to your medical needs. Whether the aches and pains are due to stress, an injury or a surgery, the Massage Therapists are trained to use Effleurage / Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Trigger Point and Myofascial Release Massage Therapy techniques to ease your distress.

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At BIONIC Chiropractic, we offer many

Additional Services:

• Interferential Electric Stimulation
• Microcurrent Stimulation
• X-Rays
• Ultrasound
• Thermotherapy
• Cryotherapy
• Traction

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